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Mailing Number 1 - 6 September 2002

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Caught my eye

Keeping up with the Learning and Skills Council

You can subscribe from the LSC's website to a simple, non-invasive update service from the LSC. You get a short email every so often with a hyperlink to newly published LSC documents in the class you've said you are interested in.

The future of elearning in the UK

Two reports have recently been published. Both are worth scan-reading:

Get On With IT Report - from the DfES Post 16 E-learning Strategy Task Force - (0.3MB pdf).

Report of the LSC's Distance and Electronic Learning Group - (large PDF).

Sheffield College Online GCSE English - exam results

Julie Hooper and team, and their learners, using "LeTTOL methods", appear to have made a very significant breakthrough in the Sheffield College's Online GCSE English course:

  • 100% A-C pass rate (national average = 59%)
  • 33% got grade B (national average = 20%)
  • 55% got grade A or A* (national average = 13%)

Let's hope this success will be noticed in the right places.

Writing for the web

Gill Osguthorpe highlighted this Guide to writing for the web - an "Information Paper from the New Opportunities Fund Technical Advisory Service". It is definitely worth a look, as are several of the other resources available from the site, such as Keith Shaw's Creating online learning materials. Thankfully, the site's home page is searchable.

Interoperability standards

David Jennings mentioned this concise summary from Cetis of which orgisations are doing what to develop elearning related standards.

Making Word documents SCORM compliant

Dick Moore drew attention to a newly released tool called Recombo - downloadable on trial from the Recombo site which converts (learning) materials authored in Word into a format which would enable them to run in a SCORM-compliant learning management system. Worth keeping an eye on, although it is apparent from discussion taking place, for example, in the excellent US "Web Based Training Online Learning" discussion list that developers are beginning to view the concept of reusable content objects as the creation of LMS vendors, rather than as a means of improving the quality of online learning.

The "DNA (UGH) of eLearning"

Mike Morris circulated a chapter from a new publication from the Internet Time Group, which gives a useful summary of how the authors think the corporate elearning world has changed over the last ~10 years. For convenience I put it on my website if you want to download it (0.4MB).


When researching for my website I came across TridentList, an Australian site which offers an economical, reliable (so far!), excellently configured, and cost-effective way to run opt-in mailing lists such as this one.

Developments [back to top]

I made some minor additions to my web "site" and will soon shift it from being less of a pitch for work to more of a place where I can summarise the projects which I am doing, client-agreement permitting. You will gather from this that work is beginning to come my way, although it is too early to judge whether in sufficient quantity and of the right type to make a living.

Oddments [back to top]

This made me smile when the car drove past me in Edinburgh: there was something seriously retro about the car, the driver, and the fridge (11kB).

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